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    Tuesday, November 20, 2012
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    Tuesday, November 20, 2012
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    Tuesday, November 20, 2012
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    Tuesday, November 20, 2012
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    Tuesday, November 20, 2012
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    Tuesday, November 20, 2012
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    Tuesday, November 20, 2012
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    Sunday, November 18, 2012
Turning Back The Clock

Linda B James featured on Fox 29 News - Smart Lipo

It's time to take control of the aging process. We can either stop the clock or turn it backwards. Watch this video to learn how Smart Lipo" can reverse a sagging chin.
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How I Stay Fit During The Holidays

Discover the secret!

How I Lost Weight Without A Gym Or Trainer

Affirmations-The Train To Happiness

Affirmations-The Train To Happiness

When our days are filled with so much unpleasantness, chaos, pain and confusion. How do we stop the train of thoughts to the destination of negativity? Focus on affirmations to comfort and heal unhealthy thinking.


Create a paragraph related to your plight

Examples of Positive Affirmations

I can control my thoughts, actions and emotions
I believe in myself and I am worthy of success
I choose to respond and not to react
I am responsible for my joy and happiness
I am accountable to myself
I am a great person and I deserve the best
I surround myself with supportive, kind and positive people
I control the medicine for my mind and spirit
I know that distractions and disappointments are inevitable annoyances
I direct and control my destiny
When my thoughts board the train heading for the destination to negativity
I hit the emergency switch.
When I change the direction of my thoughts
I change my life



Say your affirmations daily and on a consistent basis. Recite them at least four times a day. In fact get in the habit of reciting your affirmations throughout the day. Think of affirmations as vitamins that you must take to remain mentally fit. I recite mine when I am getting dress in the mornings, when I am going to work, after my lunch break and before I retire at night.



Be believable. Feel the emotions when you convey each word. The emotions will help you connect on a deeper level. The enthusiasm associated with each emotion will help you create mental images in your mind. Use your imagination, role-play, and create vivid colors and sounds to make

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Be A Magician

Be A Magician

We are fascinated and mesmerized with magic shows because the magicians are capable of making objects disappear. It would be wonderful to make our devastation, grief, worries and dilemmas vanish. We do not have the magic wand to make our troubles disappear but we can give a new definition to our troubles.

Learn how to be your own magician.

Simple Treasures for a Complex World

7 Abracadabra Tips

1. Why-stop asking yourself why bad things happen to you or others. This is an unanswerable question. Ask yourself what can you learn from a hurtful event. Make a list of the lessons that you have learned.

2. Rumors-Gossip is chatter that can hurt us deeply. Think about the bearers of gossip and how broken, empty and undisciplined they must be. Their goal is to devalue you. Don’t let dysfunctional people have power over your thoughts. Make a list of your outstanding qualities.

3. Permission-If you have been belittled or criticized constantly you need to control those thoughts. Give yourself permission not to think and relive those painful messages. Write yourself a love letter. Include thing that make you different and unique. Put a stamp on it and mail it to yourself. It is always a treat to get a letter from a true friend. You have to be your best friend, love yourself and treat yourself well.

4. Meditation-This is an excellent way to escape your troubles. Find fifteen minutes in your day to quiet your mind and focus on positive feelings. Make this practice a daily ritual. Meditation can eliminate worries and anxieties. The benefits of this practice include physiological, spiritual and psychological enhancements.

5. Forgiveness- forgive yourself for not being perfect and making mistakes. Forget about the past and live for the future. Don’t be your worst enemy and beat yourself up for past mistakes. Make a commitment to yourself to bury the pain of the past. Do not rewind the pain of past to complain. Only rewind the tape of the past to become more prudent.

6. Gratitude- write down you blessings daily. Writing about positive stories and experiences will diminish negative emotions. The more your write about uplifting situation the less you think about the pain of the past. Keep a journal of your happy and fulfilling experiences.

7. Exercise-physical exercise increases oxygen in your brain. Stay fit mentally and physically.

Become a magician- give new definition to your troubles and you will make your pain disappear.

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Secrets To Being Happy In An Unhappy World

Secrets To Being Happy In An Unhappy World

The voice of doom met me at my bedside when I woke up yesterday morning. My eyes started to tear up when I started thinking about unhappy news that I was forced to confront. I yelled out the word “stop” three times to control my runaway thoughts. At that point I started to take control of my thinking. The choice was mine. I committed to being content and responsible for my mental focus for the rest of the day. I had to remind myself that a happy person does not have ideal circumstances but has the skills to counteract negativity.

Secrets to improve your level of happiness:

1. Keep Smiling – A radiant smile lightens up your mood, makes you approachable and changes you state of mind. You cannot be grumpy, whining and miserable when you are smiling. Initially you might have to ‘’fake’’ a smile especially if you are having a lousy day. Faking a smile is not being inauthentic. You are establishing a habit and training yourself to approach adversity in a new way. Don’t stop smiling! Keep your chin up and smile! You can give a different meaning to a problematic situation. Smiling is the outward manifestation of inner peace. Smiling is the well-deserved nourishment that will help you magnify happiness. Smiling should not be a chore. In the morning when you get dress remember to put on your new game face – a smile. Never leave your house without it. Don’t allow a situation to rob ...

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“Me Time” is Meditation Time

“Me Time” is Meditation Time

It is a great day in my world when I can find time to meditate and escape stress.

Stress is an unpleasant and unavoidable emotion. Most people experience stress in relation to certain triggers. People perceive stress and deal with it differently. What is a stress trigger to one might be easily tossed off as a minor interruption to someone else.

When you are stressed out it is difficult not to think and focus on something else. The more your focus is drawn inwards upon the stress the more stress is compounded. There is a downward spiral effect and you become more anxious and worried. These emotions can have devastating results on your emotional well-being.

Anyone that experiences frequent battles with stress is aware that the problem can have debilitating outcomes. Suffering may be private or public.
We have to pay a price for allowing this emotion to dominate and distract us for days, months or years.

The first step in trying to help your self to overcome stress is to relax. Unfortunately, when it comes to stress the harder you try to relax the more anxious you become. Meditation is a wonderful escape from your stress and an enjoyed state of calm relief.

Meditation is a natural state of relaxation. There are some many types of meditation. Take a positive step to reduce your stress level and explore different types of meditation. Decide which type to practice and what fits your lifestyle. You can try ...

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